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小学英语 感恩节 范文五篇

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(一)Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, it is on the fourth Thursday in December. Thanksgiving Day is very popular in western country, on that day, people will make a big turkey to eat.感恩节很快就要到了,它是在十二月的第四个星期四。感恩节在西方国家很盛行,在那一天,人们会做一个大火鸡吃。...

本文摘要:(一)Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, it is on the fourth Thursday in December. Thanksgiving Day is very popular in western country, on that day, people will make a big turkey to eat.感恩节很快就要到了,它是在十二月的第四个星期四。感恩节在西方国家很盛行,在那一天,人们会做一个大火鸡吃。


(一)Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, it is on the fourth Thursday in December. Thanksgiving Day is very popular in western country, on that day, people will make a big turkey to eat.感恩节很快就要到了,它是在十二月的第四个星期四。感恩节在西方国家很盛行,在那一天,人们会做一个大火鸡吃。The day is to in honor of Indian people's great kindness. A long time ago, some puritans took the boat May Flower to Americafor freedom, but they suffered from starvation and illness, the Indian people helped them, gave them food and treated them.这一天是为了纪念印第安人的仁慈。

良久以前,一些清教徒乘坐“五月花号”船去美国寻求自由,但他们遭受饥饿和疾病的折磨,印第安人资助他们,给他们食物和治疗他们。The puritan planted something, they were eager to have good harvest. at last, they got it and felt very grateful to God and the Indian people, so they decided to make a day to remember this and show gratitude.清教徒种植了一些工具,他们盼望有好收成。最后,他们获得了好收成,他们很是谢谢上帝和印第安人,所以他们决议用一天来纪念和表达感谢。

(二)Do you know Thanksgiving day? Do you know why human thank god?你知道感恩节吗?你知道人类为什么谢谢上帝吗?Thanksgiving falls on the fourth thursday of november, a different date every year. The president must proclaim that date as the official celebration.感恩节在每年11月的第四个星期四,这是一个差别的日子。总统必须宣布这一天为官方节日。

Thanksgiving is a time for tradition and sharing. Even if they live far away, family members gather for a reunion at the house of an older relative. All give thanks together for the good things that they have.感恩节是一个传统和分享的时刻。纵然他们住得很远,家庭成员也会在一个年长亲戚的家里团聚。

所有人一起谢谢他们所拥有的优美事物。In this spirit of sharing, civic groups and charitable organizations offer a traditional meal to those in need, particularly the homeless.在这种分享的精神下,民间团体和慈善组织为有需要的人,尤其是无家可归的人提供传统的食物。(三)Today is Thanksgiving, the teacher told us to go home and do something.I thought, is there anything I can do?今天是感恩节,老师叫我们回家做些事情。


我想,我能做些什么呢?Wash the dishes? No way! Autumn, the water is also cold, my mother is afraid to freeze me. Wash clothes? Also can't, the dirty clothes in the home are all washed by mother. then what can I do? Yeah, wash mother's feet!洗盘子吗?没门!秋天,水也很冷,妈妈怕把我冻僵。洗衣服吗?也不能,家里的脏衣服都是妈妈洗的。那我该怎么办呢?是的,给妈妈洗脚!At night, I brought a basin with a small amount of cold water, poured some hot water, tried the water with my hand and began to wash it.晚上,我带了一个盆,内里放了少量的冷水,倒了一些热水,用我的手试水,然后开始洗。

Mother was happy, sitting on the sofa, narrowing her eyes. I carefully washed, mother said: "You grow up!" After hearing this, I was very happy.妈妈很兴奋,坐在沙发上,眯起眼睛。我仔细洗漱,妈妈说:“你长大了!”听了这话,我很兴奋。

(四)Thanksgiving Day is coming, I have a lot of people to thank, thank my grandpa, grandma, father, mother, teacher, classmates...感恩节就要到了,我有许多人要谢谢,谢谢我的爷爷、奶奶、爸爸、妈妈、老师、同学……First of all, I would like to thank my grandpa and grandma, "Thank you, from the day I was born, you take care of me. Let me have a happy childhood."首先,我要谢谢我的爷爷奶奶,“谢谢你们,从我出生的那一天起,你们就一直在照顾我。”让我有一个快乐的童年。Secondly, I would like to thank my father and mother: "Thank you for so many years of concern for me, let me grow up happy and healthy."其次,我要谢谢爸爸妈妈:“谢谢你们这么多年来对我的体贴,让我快乐康健的发展。”Then I want to thank my teacher: "Thank you for giving us the knowledge. Thank you for your careful cultivation of us, let us know a lot of beautiful things."然后我要谢谢我的老师:“谢谢你给了我们知识。


谢谢你对我们的经心造就,让我们知道了许多优美的事情。”Finally, I want to thank the classmates: "It was you who helped me out when I was in trouble."最后,我要谢谢同学们:“是你们在我难题的时候资助了我。”Let each of us give a little love, the world will be a beautiful world.让我们每小我私家都献出一点爱,世界将会是一个漂亮的世界。

(五)During Thanksgiving Day, I did many things, such as helping my mother sweep the floor and taking out the garbage.在感恩节运动期间,我做了许多事情,好比帮妈妈扫地,倒垃圾。I used to think that the cleaners' job was not good, but now I know that the cleaners can give me a very beautiful and clean living environment. So I want to form a good healthy habit -- not littering.我以前认为清洁工的事情是欠好的,但我现在知道,清洁工可以给我一个很是漂亮和洁净的生活情况。所以我想养成良好的康健习惯-不乱扔垃圾。

I also want to thank the traffic police, who direct the traffic every day. Without them, we won't have good traffic and many people will die. I need to obey the traffic rules.我也要谢谢交通警员,天天都是他们指挥交通。没有他们,我们就不会有好的交通,也会有许多人死亡。我需要遵守交通规则。

I also want to thank my teacher. Because they taught me to be an honest person and gave me all kinds of knowledge.我还要谢谢老师。因为他们教会了我做一个老实的人,还交给我种种各样的知识。I also want to say to my parents: "thank you!" I must study hard and get good grades to repay their upbringing.我还想对爸爸妈妈说:“谢谢!”我必须好勤学习,取得优异的结果来酬金他们的养育之恩。







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